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Since 2002 Specialdocs Consultants, Inc. has been dedicated to transitioning traditional medical practices to personalized, custom-designed concierge medicine models….and providing ongoing support for those practices already transitioned. Read more

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Only Specialdocs offers:

You remain an autonomous proprietor of your practice, not part of a franchise.

Your name at the forefront.
Individually branded approaches to building your practice, customized by Specialdocs…we remain behind the scenes, always.

A proven record of success.
Excellent reputation and 13-year record of seamless practice transitions nationwide.

A trusted alliance.
Reasonable fees and equitable contracts make our partnerships unique in the industry.

Recent News:

Welcome to our newest Special Doc, Sian Lindsay, MD…introducing concierge care to the Willow Glen community in San Jose, CA

A private practitioner for more than a decade, on April 15, Sian Lindsay, MD is opening the doors to her concierge medical practice, the first of its kind in Willow Glen, California, providing full primary care medicine coverage for her patients.  Proactive wellness and...