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Since 2002 Specialdocs Consultants, Inc. has been dedicated to transitioning traditional medical practices to personalized, custom-designed concierge medicine models….and providing ongoing support for those practices already transitioned. Read more

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Only Specialdocs offers:

You remain an autonomous proprietor of your practice, not part of a franchise.

Your name at the forefront.
Individually branded approaches to building your practice, customized by Specialdocs…we remain behind the scenes, always.

A proven record of success.
Excellent reputation and 13-year record of seamless practice transitions nationwide.

A trusted alliance.
Reasonable fees and equitable contracts make our partnerships unique in the industry.

Recent News:

Will suburbanites soon be paying doctors retainers?

An in-depth look at the growth of concierge medicine in the Chicago suburbs in a recent edition of the Daily Herald newspaper featured an interview with Specialdocs’ own Michael Friedlander. “Retainer fees are common practice when hiring an attorney, but could they soon...